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I hate when someone just stops talking to me out of nowhere.

I don’t understand how a person can completely cut off communications. Usually, as a respect to the other person, I would give them explanations as to why I’m feeling uncomfortable to continue the communication/friendship/whatever.

If you couldn’t give me that bit of respect, then you never really valued me as much as I valued you. And for me to feel so distraught over this is just stupid.

01 Jan 2013 100 XP Reblog
I’m not ignoring you, I’m just seeing if you’ll make an effort for once.
25 Nov 2012 512 XP Reblog
I’m not ready for a relationship.

It’s not that I’m not ready for a relationship, it’s just that I don’t want to commit to one. If we get into a relationship right now, it would seem like we’re moving too fast. I don’t even know if you’re the right person. I just want to keep my options opened till I find the right one.

19 Nov 2012 97 XP Reblog
I can’t believe I thought you were cute.
16 Jun 2012 107 XP Reblog
I hate Facebook chat now.

People can see if you’re ignoring them or not. Looks like I have to be offline most of the time now.

15 Jun 2012 70 XP Reblog
Just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean everyone likes you.
13 Jun 2012 137 XP Reblog
If you tell someone you like them, they’ll stop trying.
05 Jun 2012 123 XP Reblog
I love sleeping while it’s raining.
22 May 2012 100 XP Reblog
I love how you hit me up and then ignore my reply.
06 May 2012 508 XP Reblog
Real friends.

I hate having those kind of ‘friends’ that only talk to you when they need something. They just hit you up when they have nothing else to do or bored. Maybe I should ask something from them and see if they do it. Maybe bring me soup if I’m sick or something. Real friends will drop everything to come to your aid. This will test just how far your friend is willing to go to help you out of a rough situation. That’s a true friend.

03 May 2012 191 XP Reblog